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Hi! Let me know if you prefer French or English. Thanks for your great work! Feel free to ask me questions through email, but it's probably better to communicate here. You can leave messages on this discussion page, and finish with --~~~~ to leave your name (and the time and date). It's also useful to add the [[ ]] signs around words that could be new articles. I have done that for all the words that I am sure of, such as silameya. Guaka 25 mai 2008 à 18:38 (UTC)

Thanks a lot for the perfect jobs you are doing. Feel free to write to me in either English or French. But I feel at ease responding in English my study language.

I Have many proposals to be submitted to you as regards to translation of the home page at far right. I usually translate page form English Wikipedia into Bamanankan.

Best regards.

Mohamed Misbaho Traore 10:03 26 May 2008.

Ok, great. I will communicate in English. Some remarks:
  • It's possible to make "redirects". This to be prefered over copying a complete article. I did this for Ali Farka Toure, Afirika and several others. You can use "telun" for this, which is "move", I think.
  • If words in the interface are not clear, we can improve them. Either here or in Betawiki, another place.
  • It's good to add links by adding brackets, [[ and ]] around a word, e.g. to words like [[Eropa]] or [[Mali]].
  • It's better to avoid too much English text in articles here.
  • You can directly edit the home page. It's a bit more complicated, but as it is really easy to revert to a previous version you can't really break anything.
  • You can "sign" messages on talk page ("baro") through ~~~~ (there's also an icon for that, the second on the right side, on top of the editing field).
  • Feel free to add any comments and remarks on talk pages of articles.
Apart from that, I check this Wikipedia more often so that we can book more progress. I'm very excited to see your work here. Guaka 11 juin 2008 à 18:29 (UTC)

200 articles[modifier le wikicode]

Thanks to your work there are now 200 articles in the Bambara Wikipedia. I am positive that the next 200 articles will take much less time! I ni cɛ, Guaka 25 juin 2008 à 22:39 (UTC)

Foli tɛ yɛrɛko la. That is the least I could do for Bamananakan. The slow pace in creating pages is due to the fact I'm very busy with my study with the University of London. Otherwise, I could create at least 5 new pages a day. My proficiency in English, French and Arabic is driving factor.

You can notice for Arab countries I'm writing the name of the country in Arabic too.

I have some proposals as follows:

Yɛlɛma does not correctly reflect edit in English. The correct one should be "sɛbɛnkɛ"

For move "Yɛlɛma"
Create "Sintin"

I don't know what do you mean by tulomajɔ?

I promise I will translate all the remaining instructions in Bm interface in French into Bamanankan.

Tomorrow I'm going to provide with the translation of minanw translation at the left corner.

Thanks Your brother in knowledge Misbaho Traore 26 June 2008 at 09:37 AM.

Great! I changed the words as you suggested. Though I don't yet know what should become "sintin".
Check Special:Messages_système for a list of all messages. You can use the talk (baro) pages for discussion. We can also try to get you edit rights for these messages, which would facilitate the translation a lot. "tulomajɔ" is supposed to mean "watch" or "follow", "add to my watchlist" (or "liste de suivi"). There is a little icon above the edit field to conveniently add your name+date :) By the way, do you have friends who can write bamanankan? Good luck with your studies! --Guaka 1 juillet 2008 à 10:17 (UTC)

Allo[modifier le wikicode]

Je ne parle pas Bambara mais je puex aider ici avec les images et les modèles. Est-ce que tu peux traduire ce phrase au bambara, s'il vous plait?

Almazán est une ville de la Province de Soria, en Castille-et-León, en Espagne. Almazán compte 5.727 habitants (2006).

Merci baucoup pour ton aide. --Jeneme 25 janvier 2009 à 13:39 (UTC)

Traduction[modifier le wikicode]

Dear Jeneme find below your requested translation for {Almazán est une ville de la Province de Soria, en Castille-et-León, en Espagne. Almazán compte 5.727 habitants (2006)}

Almazan ye dugu ye Soriya Mara la min be Kastiye-e-Leon (Castille-et-Leon), Espaɲi jamana kan. Almazan duguden jate ye mɔgɔ 5727 (waduuru kɛmɛ wolonfla ni muganiwolonfla) san 2006 (baflan ni wɔrɔ).

kind regards


Thanks a lot for your help! Let's make grow up this Wikipedia! How do you say Soria? Soria or Soriya? --Jeneme 29 janvier 2009 à 14:41 (UTC)

Soria response[modifier le wikicode]

For a new literate in Bamanankan it is easier to read Soriya than Soria, but an advanced learner would not encounter any problem in reading Soria.

Help me with the home page of Bamanankan wikipedia. I think some vandals are manipulating the page as it does not display correctly.It is only written its snowing.

Can you help me how to insert automatically time and images. I want to insert the picture of Barack Obama in a page in Bm wikipedia without success.



Translation[modifier le wikicode]

Please, could you translate this article onto Bambara language? Thanks a lot for your help. --Jeneme 2 février 2009 à 14:43 (UTC)

Re translation[modifier le wikicode]

I have downloaded the requested page to be translated. I promise to translate into Bamananakan, but by the end of the week or next week it will be over. My study workload is starting to intensify. I'm taking a master degree with the Universtity of London.

Kind regards.


Translation of a short story[modifier le wikicode]

Hi my friend!

I would like to request something from you. Yes, translation, again. I hope, it's not a bad thing for you. Some years ago I wrote a (really) short story about a lonely man (actually symbolized the Saami nation). I translated into some languages and I thought, it would be great to have it more, like also in Bamamankan :) I made this page, the English or French translation is somewhere there. You can put the Bamanankan translation there. Thank you again! Sorry for my disturb... :( - --Eino81

Thank you for the translation, merci mon ami! :) --Eino81 30 septembre 2009 à 13:14 (UTC)

Proposition de modification[modifier le wikicode]

Cher Guaka,

You are not making sign, you might be discouraged for the slow pace in creating pages in Bm. Don't be disheartened, we are finding ways to increase page creation pace.

My proposals are as follows

Modify (nye) by (fasari) which means in Bm article Modify (nye folo) by (So) which means Home in En.

All the best.


wikimedia project bambara / bamako[modifier le wikicode]

Misbaho, tu serais interesses a participer ici: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_chapters/WMF_grants/wm_ch/wikipedia_bamako ? --ThurnerRupert 9 mai 2010 à 14:38 (UTC)

Greetings from Italy[modifier le wikicode]

Hello Misbao. We are looking for someone who could translate and upload on bm.wikipedia this page. It is very important for us. Can you help us when you have time ? Thanks !--Aeron10 21 janvier 2011 à 05:20 (UTC)

Ebola bana[modifier le wikicode]

Ebola virisi bana

Ebola virisi bana (EVD), Ebola jolibɔn farigan (EHF), walima Ebola kumasurunyala ye bana ye min bɛ hadamaden ni gɔnw minɛ ka subukɛ ebolavirisi ye. A taamasɛnw bɛ daminɛ kata tile 2 fo dɔgɔkun 3 magalɛn kɔ banakisɛ la, ni farigan, kandimi, faridimi ani kungolodimi. Okɔfɛ, a bɛna ni fɔɔnɔ ni fariŋaɲa ye, ani biɲɛ ni kɔmɔkili ka baara dɔgɔyali. Otuma sa, ebolatɔw bɛ jolibɔn farikolo fɛ.

Banakisɛ bɛ sɔrɔ ni magali bɛgan ebolatɔ joli walima a farilajiw la. Ɲininiw ma a sabati ko bana bese ka yɛlɛma fiɲɛ fɛ. Sɔmikɛlen don ko banakisɛ bɛ jirila tonsow fɛ, alinayasɔrɔ u tɛ da bana bolo. Nin mɔgɔ kelen ye bana sɔrɔ, o bese ka a yɛlɛma mɔgɔ wɛrɛ fɛ. Ebolatɔ cemanw minu kɛnɛyara bese ka bana yɛlɛma lawaji fɛ fokase kalo fila ma. Walasa ka ebola sidɔn, sɛgɛsɛgɛliw bɛkɛ ka a danfara ka bɔ ani bana minu bɔlɛn inafɔ sumaya, kunfilanitu, jolibɔnfariganw.

Banakunbɛn bɛ talikɛ bana kana se ka yɛlɛma kabɔ bɛgan ka se hamadɛn ma. Ni bɛganw kɔlɔsili ye ani ka bɛgan ebolatɔ faga ka u suu latunu kɛcɛgo ɲuman na. Ka sogo tobi kosobɛ, ka tagalan finiw don sogotigɛ waati ye dɛmɛn walɛ dɔw ye, ani tigɛkoli ni i gɛrɛla ebolatɔ la. Kana maga ebolatɔ farilaji walima a ka finiw la.

Fura jɔnjɔn tɛ ebola la fɔlɔ. Banabatɔw bɛ furakɛ ni farilaji nɔrɔbilali ye da walima jolisiara fɛ. Ebola ka mɔgɔ fagata hakɛ ka ca min bɛ se 50 kase 90 ma kɛmɛ kɛmɛ sarada. Ebola banakisɛ yera fɔlɔ Sudan (bi Worodugu Sudan) ani Bɛjɛfanga Kongo Jamana (fɔlɔ Zayiri). A bɛkɛ banabɔ ye Farafina Sahara-duguma tuuma jamanaw la. Kaata san 1976 tuma min bana in yera kabila san 2013 la, Jiɲɛ Kɛnɛya Jɛkulu ya sɛbɛn ko mɔgɔ 1716 ye ebola sɔrɔ. A banabɔba kɛra min bɛ sɛnna Farafina Tilebi fɛ san 2014 kɔnɔ Gine, Seraliyɔn, Liberiya ani Nijeriya. Laɲiniw bɛ sɛnna walasa boloci sɔrɔ bana in na.


Ebola bɛ daminɛ inafo mura jate sɛgɛn, farigan, kungolodimi, kolokundimi, faridimi ani kɔnɔdimi bɛ a kɔrɔ. Okɔfɛ fɔɔnɔ, kɔnɔboli, dagoya bɛna. Taamasɛnw minu man ca o ye kandimi, disidimi, ɲegetu, nilakilidegun ani fɛnkununi gɛlɛya.

A jateminɛra ebolatɔ kaata 40 fo 50 kɛmɛ kɛmɛ sarada joli bɛbɔ u ka jolidaw ani nogosira, nuun, ɲafɛla ani ɲintaran fɛ. Jolibɔn bɛ daminɛ tile 5 kase tile 7 ma bana yelen kɔ, ɲɛbilen ani fɔɔnɔ bɛ sɔrɔ ka na. Ni banabatɔ ma kɛnɛya tile 7 kase 16 kɔnɔ, saya bɛ a sɔrɔ.

Bana sabuw

Banakisɛ naani bɛ nani ebola ye: Bundibugyo banakisɛ (BDBV), Sudan banakisɛ (SUDV), Tayi Tuu banakisɛ (TAFV) ani Ebola banakisɛ (EBOV) min dɔnɛn ko Zayiri Ebola banakisɛ.


Bana bɛ yɛlɛma ni magali banabatɔ joli, farilajiw la ani ebolatɔ suu ni minanw la banakisɛ sɛra minu ma inafɔ miseli ani sɔgɔlibiɲɛw. Mɔgɔ fanba minu ye ebola sɔrɔ Gine san 2104 kɛra ladala suudon sɛnfɛ.

Bana makɛyɔrɔ

A bisikiyalɛn ko tonsow ye bana jatigi ye ani jiri ni kɔnɔ dɔw. Tonso sugu saba jatelen inafɔ bana jatigi.

A jirala ko ebola bɛ wulu, lɛɛ ani gɔn minɛ.


Bana sɔrɔ ka teli banabatɔladonna fɛ. Ola a ɲininɛ ka ebolatɔ mabɔ u damana, ka minanw ani dugumala bɛrɛsunuya ani ka tangalan finiw ni nuudatugunw, bolocoronw ni filɛlanw don. Maga kana cogosila ebolatɔ suu la.

Walasa ka dansigi bana carini na, Jiɲɛ Kɛnɛya Jɛkulu ye a laɲini ka sigidamɔgɔw ka kunnafoni bana sɔrɔcogow kan ani ka yɛrɛtagan walew boloda, ni tigɛw kololi waati bɛɛ ni ji ni safunɛ ye. Ebolatɔ suukoli ni kasankeli ka dabila walima ka yɛlɛma don la.

Ebola banakisɛ bɛ silatunu tafunteni na min bɛ se bɛrɛ 60 kɛmɛgaradi sanga 30 kase 60 walima ka ji wili fayifayi sanga 5. Zaweliji ni yɔrɔsaniya basiw bɛ ebola banakisɛ faga.


Dan bɛ kari bana la ni banabatɔw bilali yɔrɔ kɛrɛnkɛrɛnnen la. Fanga bɛ yɔrɔ labɛn banabatɔw kama.


Fura jɔnjɔn tɛ ebola. Furakɛli bɛ kɛ ka banabatɔ dɛmɛn ka farilaji nɔrɔbila. Ameriki Balo ani Fura Cakɛda ye fura fila yamaruya Zmapp ani TKM-Ebola ka ebolatɔ furakɛ ni san 2014 la. Favipirar fana ye ebola fura ye min yamaruyara Yapaani fɛ.


Boloci ma sɔrɔ fɔlɔ hadamadenw kama. Nka dɔ bɛna sɔrɔ waati nataw la.