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Wikipedia, ɔnsikopedi hɔrɔn ka nyɛ

Herzlich Wilkommen! I see you have a profile at Commons. It would be great if you can add some relevant pictures to articles here! :) Guaka 11 juin 2008 à 18:37 (UTC)

Hello Guaka, thanks for the welcome here. I don't fully understand your request, because its not essential to have an account on commons for adding pictures in an article here? Herzliche Grüße, —YourEyesOnly 14 juin 2008 à 03:31 (UTC)

Hi :) --Gnu1742 13 juin 2008 à 05:57 (UTC)
Hu, ein Gnu :-) —YourEyesOnly 14 juin 2008 à 03:31 (UTC)