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Translation needed[modifier le wikicode]

city[modifier le wikicode]

Possibly duguba (-ba is suffix for big), but I'm not sure about this. Guaka 18 mai 2006 à 21:40 (UTC)

Poland[modifier le wikicode]

Maybe there is a list of names of countries in Bambara somewhere, like there is for Wolof, as found by Ji-Elle.

Directions[modifier le wikicode]

  • located on the south/north/west/est/center part

Population[modifier le wikicode]

area[modifier le wikicode]

capital[modifier le wikicode]

Probably kapitali...

voivodship / region / province[modifier le wikicode]

What's voidship?


city rights[modifier le wikicode]

Probably something from French.

Dictionary[modifier le wikicode]

Hello. I saw there is a few article requests from Poland. I have an idea to do mini dictionary for article translating. If You have a minute please translate sentences below into this wikipedia language:

  • city in poland
  • located on the south/north/west/est/center part
  • population
  • area
  • capital of the
  • voidship
  • city rights

Thats All. This sentences help us make STUB article about Polish cities. Best Regards

I added a lot of words to the French Wiktionary, but the majority is only from Bambara to French. There are some from French to Bambara. At the moment I don't have my French/Bambara dictionary close (it's in the Netherlands, I'm in Peru). However, I can ask my mother to look up these words. Though we would be happy to find even 3 there. Most of these concepts don't have words in Bambara. And considering I don't know any native Bambara speakers in Lima it's a bit hard to get a good translation.
Another thing, I don't especially consider Polish cities very useful for this project. But if it would be possible to add some French cities as well, that would be great. And generally, big cities in the world that are more likely to be known by some considerable part of native speakers of Bambara. Guaka 18 mai 2006 à 21:19 (UTC)